Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Sunday...

Our Easter was filled with much happiness as the kids LOVE looking for Easter eggs! Actually, Lorenzo even hid them and found them himself throughout the night! Not that easy for a four year old hiding 12 eggs and then only recovering 11. He is still looking for that lost egg this morning.
Anyhow, our day was great! Although, I only slept an hour because I chose to finish cleaning, have the table set, all our laundry done & prep breakfast so I wouldn't be caught in the kitchen AS ALWAYS! We made it to mass & the kids looked adorable. Lorenzo in dickie shorts, argyle vest & chuck taylors, Jordan in an outfit that kept slipping off her slender physique and Quinn adorable in his peach vest & more chucks. They loved that Daddy assisted in finding their baskets outside our front door left by the ever so great Easter Bunny! Jordan received "Enchanted" but her best item was a new stylish black hat! Lorenzo was thrilled with his goodies but most of all with the dvd of "Pink Panther". Go figure, he loves those movies! Quinn was given "Pinocchio" but loved the candy MOST!
Our brunch was blessed with the company of my mom, Sarah (eddie's girlfriend), and three of Martyne's friends from school (Noel, Travis & Kami). They were great guests and were ever so gracious on being invited to a wonderful breakfast in our home. W
e all had great conversation and enjoyed hearing about Eddie & Sarah's trip to Oregon. (Yeah, "Why Oregon?" you say...they randomly picked it on a map) They enjoyed their trip and brought us back some nice goodies.
Jordan, Lorenzo, Quinn & dad even enjoyed some ball time outside. They were playing baseball and their cries of joy coming from outside made me appreciate our family even more. Although, Jordan leaves us by three on Easter our time shared was nice. She attended mass with us, picked the flowers from our garden for our table and graced our brunch table with her presence. My skinny twiggy is sure growing up!
We finished off our day at the Gutierrez' home. We made it just in time for the Easter egg hunt and I gotta tell you Quinn looked like an ol' pro! Lorenzo claimed he needed help holding his basket 'til he saw little brother, Quinn was doing it all by himself with no problems. They both enjoyed the hunt and came up winners with $3, a See's candy certificate and of course MORE candy! Candy filled eggs are always a success! The boys truly enjoyed themselves as they met up with three cousins on this excursion out. Three BOY cousins!! YAHOO! (See, Steve's immediate family consists of only neices and we only see my brother's kids and again that is ALL girls!) So the boys were in Boy Heaven! They played soccer outside, hid eggs for each other, played a bit of hoops, watched Pinocchio, played the piano & WRESTLED! They were having such a great time. Their interaction and activenes
s reminded me of the days of when I was young and having great fun with cousins. I sure love watching my children be happy! It was even nice seeing Martyne laying on her Nino's sofa -- do you know doing what? -- yes of course, sleeping! But, I didn't complain as you see I realize even if Martyne is with us asleep she is with us. She is with us and I can watch my little girl sleep like the angel she is! All in all our day was a success! I even received a card from the kids that was the icing on the cake, thanks honey for taking them to pick it out. I love you! I love our family! I love us! In closing, I just would like to thank God (again) for my family, my mom, my husband, our health and all that we have and all that we are. God bless...

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