Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Month of May flew by!

Well, I apologize for having to recap May all in one day! First off we started the month off with a successful walk in honor of Karina! We were able to raise for Pediatric Cancer $4093...and had 50 walkers/runners. We all had a blast. We not only raised these funds but we all came together and made a basket of goodies for Karina -toys, hand held games, books, McDonald money, a backpack, teddy bear & a figurine. We thank all that donated, walked, ran, came out to support and prayed for us & Karina! THANK YOU AND GOD BLESS.
Then rolled around Mother's Day...what a blessing of a day. Not only did I, 24 years ago start on this path of motherhood but I have enjoyed it every step of the way! All my kids have brought me such great joy, pride, love, happiness and with all that has come times of gloom. But this Mother's day was a real UPPER! Not only did I get to go to the market with Eddie - just he and I, something very rare in a family of our size. But then he, Martyne and Jordan (mostly Martyne) made breakfast for all of us. The breakfast was great but the company and the time spent together was awesome! The boys were excited to shower me with gifts and the love that filled our home was priceless! Thanks kiddies, I LOVE YOU!
Busy planning Mission High Schools, very informal, 25 Year Reunion... at the Raymond Restaurant in Pasadena. So far we have 23 confirmed attending out of 40 that I had email
Graduations...whew! We attended Melissa Valdez & Luis Roa's graduation from Cal State Dominguez Hills, WAY TO GO! We also attended Brittney Viramontes' graduation celebration as she graduated from Cal State Fullerton, GO BRIT! We still look forward to more graduations...Julie (Camille's Mom), Jazmine (Carla's daughter) from Bishop Amat, Alex (Our neice) from St Johns Grammar School and then off to Amat!
This month was filled with birthdays -- some whom just passed us by -- My godson ANGEL, I LOVE YOU SORRY NINA FORGOT TO CALL YOU, thought about it at dinner then FORGOT AGAIN! BAD NINA! Also Celeste (our neice's birthday) was yesterday...happy birthday! Earlier in the month we also would like to wish birthday wishes to: Isabel Dominguez, Jennifer Polanco, Sophia (our neice), Anthony (Donna's son), Carla (my Comadre) and Jacob (Christina's son)! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ALL! addresses for. Should be fun! Come back after the 1st for pictures!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dodgers taking the field at Anaheim Stadium

This past Sunday we hosted a pre-Anaheim Stadium Walk brunch at our home. We were graced with the presence of family & friends...but to Lorenzo it was the greatest moment-- having his friends Felipe, Dominic & Sebastian at our home! We had time to grub down some great food and socialize for a bit before having to trek over to Anaheim. Once we arrived and unloaded our caravan of cars, Lorenzo left his mommy & daddy to line up all grown up like with his fellow teammates. Leaving him was a bit heartbreaking to think he is that grown up but we left and headed to the sea of proud parents. There you could find us among tons of other parents waiting for those few seconds of seeing our children walk by.

Lorenzo and his fellow Dodgers walked by us
and even offered up some high fives! They all looked so adorable yet ever so grown up! Lorenzo looked so happy to feel a part of something so BIG!
We managed to survive from being away from Lorenzo if even for just an hour. The worst part was the darn southern california weather. It was sure hot! We'd like to thank all those that purchased tickets to share in this latest milestone in Lorenzo's life. We know it was a long hot day! We hope to continue to share our families ventures and hope to have you there! Thanks and we love you all!

Jordan's Softball Season is over...

Softball is over for this season...whew! Jordan did an awesome job. After being on the bench most of last year. (still don't know who the coach didn't like - mom, jordan or to spite having traded her with her old coach!?!) Anyhow, Jordan had a great year under the wing of her new coach, Frank Valencia. Her team ended in fifth place with a record of 6-9-1. Jordan played most of the season at shortstop and did a fine job. Her second position on the switch of the pitcher would land her the catchers spot, a spot that Jordan truly enjoys!
We all loved watching Jordan blossom into the great player she is capable of being. Thank goodness for this team and giving her back the confidence she needed before heading up to the 12 & under division.
Although many of the games our family was scarce in the bleachers due to having her & Lorenzo playing at the same times -- we want her to always remember we are with her in spirit if not physically able to support her!
All our love to Jordan and the new friendships she has due to softball.

Undercover FAN!

So, many of you may not know this as Steve & I do not like to divulge that Lorenzo is a Beaver Fan. We know, it breaks our hearts too! We think it is all thanks to Play Station and their Mascot mode. Lorenzo use to enjoy playing as the Beavers. With this, he declares himself a beaver fan!
Eddie & Sarah vacationed in Beaver-ville and with that carried around a poster of Lorenzo to take pictures of him around campus(See earlier blog). They were able to capture the one dimensional Lorenzo in front of spring practice, beaver stadium and the front of the beaver university. Lorenzo was thrilled with the pictures and especially the new Beaver t-shirt for his collection. (me & Steve not so excited, hoping he'll out grow this Beaver phase!)
Well, since we support our children whether we agree or not, Steve took his little boy to watch a Beaver game. Imagine the torture, it was not only a Beaver baseball game but their opponent was nothing less than the UCLA Bruins, UGH! That's why I stayed home, who would I root for--NO ONE!
Beyond all that, Steve & Lorenzo arrived at the Bruins facility and found their way among the many Beaver fans...LOL...not so many so they sat up close to the team and their dugout. In sitting so close to the team Lorenzo caught the eye of a Beaver administrative adviser. This adviser could not resist from admiring the Beaver tshirt & his amazement to see such a young Beaver fan. The gentleman got to chatting with Lorenzo, ok he clammed up like usual, so the chatting really went on with Dad. The chatting led to the introductions between Lorenzo, the coach & a few players. The coach was so impressed on this little Beaver fan going against his family and all that they stand for as USC fans, that he promised Lorenzo some Beaver gear. (We are awaiting to see if anything arrives!)
In the end, Lorenzo & dad enjoyed a great time at the baseball game, but sadly it ended with a Bruin victory. Don't know what hurt me more, to know the Bruins won or to see my son saddened by his teams loss...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hunger Clean Up

Martyne had a successful day in honor of the "hunger clean up" campaign she participated in on Saturday, April 18. She was joined on her team, God's Gifts, by her friends Melissa (CSUDH) & Kami (FIDM). They stationed themselves outside Superior Market across the street from USC and were able to collect many canned goods and $30 in cash donations. (Plus another $70 in online donations) Martyne was proud to announce that she utilized her spanish to the best of her ability and felt good about it. Not only did they make a difference in the few hours they were out there, but also were recognized in our local spanish paper. Martyne was quoted in La Opinion. Here is an excerpt:

Martyne Gómez, una estudiante de segundo año de Sicología de la Universidad del Sur de California (USC), se sumó ayer a un grupo de estudiantes para ayudar a los desamparados.

"Me di cuenta que no estaba haciendo lo suficiente para ayudar con los problemas de la pobreza y el desamparo", dijo en el parque central de ese centro academémico. En sus ires y venires académicos, la chica se topa a cada momento con personas sin techo que deambulan en torno a USC. Esta vez decidió hacer algo.

Gómez y otro grupo de estudiantes de USC y UCLA forman parte de un voluntariado llamado Hunger Cleanup.

For the full article go to http://www.impre.com/laopinion/noticias/la-california/2009/4/19/estudiantes-contra-el-hambre-120195-1.html

Once again, we are proud of Martyne and her quest to make a difference in this world!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wild Animal Park - Great VISIT!

We trekked out of our home at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, April 15. Headed to Whittier to pick up Nina & Jeremiah. All the kids were wide awake and ready to get to San Diego and see the animals! We had a great breakfast at the Golden Egg Omelet House - 316 W Mission Ave Ste 101 Escondido, CA 92025 - but still think we were over charged!!! Anyhow, we headed out to Wild Animal Park just five minutes away. The kids were ready, bundled & unloading the Yukon for a day of fun!
We were able to save some extra money at the gate--ya' all know me wanting to save a buck--got my friend's son in as "Steve Gomez"-- lucky I took his membership card with me! Heck they didn't question...saved Nina a buck!!! My day was complete with just that, saving money!
Once inside we headed out to view the flamingos, monkeys and pelicans. Would you believe that at the pelican pond we find some dear friends to my family, the Huerta's. There they were just taking in the breathtaking view. I loved catching up with them if even for just a few minutes. (miss you guys...and thank RHS for the beginnings of our lifelong friendship!)
Lorenzo was in charge of pictures and boy did he take pictures. His count alone was at 235 photos. Jordan took 55 pictures and Quinn took 54 pictures of other people, the floor, his feet, the kids from behind...can we say "thank God for digital cameras and the delete option". All in all the photos captured our day of fun and excitement seeing oh so many beautiful animals. Not to speak of the beautiful area where we were surrounded by thousands of butterflies! It was breathtaking! Their beauty was beyond the common butterfly, there were all sizes, all colors, every shade...God really did a fine job creating butterflies and all the other gorgeous animals we encountered on our excursion out.
We headed out about 4:30 and were home by 7. The ride was not LA style, hardly any traffic. It was nice to catch up on life, on memories and laughs with Nina on our ride home as the kids rested all the way back.
Now we are awaiting May so we can return and enjoy the animals from above--zip line just installed! Nina & I are game, hoping Jeremiah & Jordan will find the courage to join us zipping across the park.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Martyne's quest to help her community...

Martyne has joined hungercleanup.org!
Martyne is raising awareness for her community -- if you'd like to donate or help! Her team name is "God's Gifts" (that is not her pic on the site...but it is her page). If you'd like to help out please search Martyne Gomez USC student.
I am very proud of her trying to make a difference. I guess our living the example of giving or helping to others has paid off. Just think, our family alone allows you enough outlets to donate and fulfill enough for your 2009 taxes!!! LOL
Thanks for again helping out in one of our quests to make a difference! God Bless!