Tuesday, February 24, 2009


We have been using up our annual passes and enjoying a few hours here and there at Disneyland. The boys are really loving the rides and Jordan is hating the thought of her being in school while we are at the happiest place on earth! Jordan has stomached Tower of Terror once again and even kept up with little brother Lorenzo by riding the Orange Stinger.(watch the 2nd video for that ride!) After Lorenzo got on the first time, Jordan resisted her cowardly side and ventured on a time of her life. SHE LOVED IT! Lorenzo loves Orange Stinger, Soaring over California and the Tea Cups, just to name a few! The latest additions to Lorenzo & Quinn's lists of accomplishments at Disneyland included riding Roger Rabbit, Peter Pan, Casey Junior and now there is a new list to check off. Lorenzo has an imaginery list that he checks as we ride another and another ride!

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