Tuesday, February 24, 2009

MORE Sports Sports Sports! Softball...

Jordan is now starting her fourth year playing softball for La Habra. She is looking forward to this year as she has a new coach and a new attitude after a unfortunate turn last season with a coach that wouldn't play her. She is truly thrilled to be one of the "older" girls on her team and looks forward to finding her spot on her new team! She ALSO will be playing for OLG - Our Lady of Guadalupe. She is going to be on their B team and look forward to finishing up her career there as a 5th grade tri-athlete! We hope if you are free you can stop by one of her games, too. Her schedule isn't as extensive as Lorenzo's. Thanks for considering coming out! All her games are played at La Bonita Park across from Tommy's on Whittier Bl in La Habra.

Dates & Times as follows. SOME GAMES HAVE CHANGED:
March 12 Thurs 5:15 / March 14 Sat 11 / March 17 Tues 5:15 / March 19 Thurs 5:15 / March 21 Sat 1 / March 26 Thurs 5:15 / March 28 Sat 9 / April 2 Thurs 5:15 / April 4 Sat 9 / April 16 Thurs 5:15 / April 18 Sat 11 / April 23 Thurs 5:15 / April 25 Sat 9

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