Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sidney USC recruit - we were honored to attend!

We were very blessed to be invited to Renardo Sidney Jr's press conference on Sunday at Fairfax High School. He committed to USC and with that made the attendance that much sweeter for our family. Go Trojans! We were invited by Renardo's godmother, MaryLou and had a great time sharing in the experience. We were able to meet and speak with the star along with congratulating his Momma on a wonderful accomplishment and welcoming her to the Trojan Family! Go Trojans! We look forward to seeing Renardo in a Trojan uniform next year and we will be right there cheering him on! Go Trojans!

The experience of being there was a great venture. Not only did the kids - well Lorenzo was shy but Quinn warmed up to the big guy! Renardo is 6'11"!!!! (Lorenzo took the pic of all of us but him!) Steve also loved the experience and we could only be blessed to
have something so great happen to one of our own. With that we congratulate Renardo, thank MaryLou and cheer on with a great big loud - GO TROJANS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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