Sunday, March 1, 2009

Ozomatli - Time with no children! Yahoo!

Well a rare moment the other night. As a post Valentine date, Steve & I had an evening alone just us and the entire crowd at House of Blues. All of us there to see one of my & Steve's favorite bands, OZOMATLI! We just love their music and love even more seeing them in person. You can never go wrong seeing this band. Friday night's show in my eyes was the second best performance we have ever seen by this group. They are great to listen to, great to dance along with and great performers! WE LOVE IT! If you have never heard them, check them out!

Be sure to click on the link to our video...we took this of their closing moments at the house of blues. Just a little side note, when Ozo closes their show they always come out into the audience play a little hokey pokey or whatever! and then start a conga line out of their venue! You gotta love them performers of the people! Check it out...

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