Monday, March 9, 2009

Dodger Tball Opening Day!

Little league has officially started in the city of La Habra, yipee! Lorenzo now joins the ranking of an athlete. He is loving practices, loved his game, loves his new friends & loves just goofing off with them! His first game was last week and he batted up two line drives down first that enabled him to still make it to first base. Then defensively he played second and first base. At second, times were slow. No balls hit his way and thanks to his coaches our boys don't all attack any ball hit in the infield - they know the areas they are responsible for! Way to go coach Mike, coach Pierre & coach Evan! At first base though Lorenzo saw much action! Every play the ball would be thrown to him, even if the runner had already made it to first Lorenzo always tagged the base. He was able to get not one but two runners out before they got to his domain of first base. Then the inevitable happened, he took one to the mouth. It bounced right off his mouth, ouch! Lorenzo was such a trooper and sucked it up and continued on with the game-eyes red, tears welling but never coming down!! Soon enough the rain hit and everyone ran for their cars. Who would have thought we'd play tball in wet grass & with cloudy skies...Little League is hard core!

Once at home in talking with Lorenzo he shared that when the ball hit his mouth all he thought was "I don't want to cry, I'm ok!". Then he proceeded to tell me that when he was at first he was talking to himself. I asked him what was he saying? He responded that he was telling himself "Not to let his team down!" Lorenzo as we have confirmed with all this is that he loves the game!

On Sunday at opening ceremonies Lorenzo's team won first place for their homemade banner! Way to go team mom's Laura & Diane! If you watch the video clip you will see the celebration...and you will enjoy Lorenzo's celebration dance! It is a crack up!

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