Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Eddie's Last Show!

Well Eddie performed in his last show on Saturday for Gramma's alma mater (Sacred Heart of Jesus) at the theatre in Hollywood. It was a fun night and I was happy that with the encouraging of my hubby I attended. We had plans but he in turn went with the boys so I could go watch Eddie perform. Karin (my good friend) was able to attend, very last minute, but she is very happy she went! We both had some good laughs -- wholeheartedly laughing and amazed by the performers. As usual I loved it and will sure miss seeing Eddie on this stage format! Oh! And Sr. Reina that was my vice principal in high school is here performing, too! They suckered her up to the stage as a volunteer! Please enjoy the videos attached - they are some excerpts of FUNNINESS! And yes! It is Sarah, Eddie's girlfriend, performing along side each other. They were great! Tata...ComedySportzLa...onto???

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