Tuesday, March 10, 2009


Where do you begin with a ten year old? She is doing great at school, at softball and at home! Jordan is loving school-- always prepared for tests, conscientious about schoolwork & penmanship. We are very proud of her as homework is never a problem UNLESS she forgets her book. Softball she is loving this team. Her coach has confidence in her and with that she is more confidant. She plays shortstop & catcher. She hits this year, yipee no more bunting EVERY TIME! Thank goodness, this team has restored her faith in coaches being fair. Regarding home, where do we start--she adores her brothers and loves being big sister. Well at least until the responsibility of being the eldest gets her into trouble. She usually is teaching or playing with the boys and having them excel in whatever they are playing. She loves reading to them, playing on the computer or playstation! Thank goodness for our little momma!

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