Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Martyne Home Sweet Home!

So, Martyne is home for a week...or a bit less. My anticipation of her arrival was so like a kid outside the candy store! But, to my dismay have realized college kids only do spring break at home for a few reasons which are: they are broke, their parents won't pay for a trip away for spring break and they need to SLEEP! Well Martyne is all THREE! So, she has been home since Sunday afternoon and has had dinner with us twice, made cookies for the kids twice, played UNO with the kids once, made chocolate milk for the boys numerous times, finished her laundry, visited with gramma once, watched Law & Order, Without a Trace & Criminal Minds...endlessly! Ok not endlessly that we'll use to describe the SLEEPING! She has slept on the couch twice and my bed NOW as I type! OHHH, the life of a college student.
I know that teenagers don't usually like hanging out with the family and I always thought mine did until a little birdy expressed to me their concern on "oh martyne is home, oh boy for her" awww it broke my heart. Well, I'll hope for later in life to become her best friend, mentor and comrade again! I know she'll realize one day how these little moments of family help mold you later in life within your own family! Personally my family isn't so close, with that my life has always been my children now to include my husband--but great friends and my mom is whom I'd also give the shirt off my back for! Making life happy and complete is so self satisfying...I just pray my kids grow up and cherish each other, my husband, my mother, their extended family, me but most importanly themselves & God!
Back to a lighter note, here is proof of Martyne in her SLEEPING habit mode...

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