Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Do you remember yours? Our little Quinn has claimed his first. Her name is "Isabel" but goes by "Isa" -- well in Quinn's eyes she is only known as "his girlfriend"! He grins from ear to ear at the mention of her and enjoys playing with her every week. She is the little sister of Lorenzo's teammate Gabriel. Lorenzo quizzes him at pre-game and post game with "Did you kiss her?". It is hilarious, this is what I have to look forward to but magnified when these boys get to high school and swoop all those girls off their feet! Since, they will be a casanova like their dad(from what I hear he roamed the halls and swooped the girls at Amat - LOL)!Well, as for now I will settle with the ballpark crush and accept Isabel into our life...not so easy to accept later in life so I'll try and condition myself now. (Right, Eddie!)
Oh, the simplicities of life when all you thought of was your little love; when french fries dazzled a girl and trading hats with each other was just too fun! Now, reminisce - enjoy the memories and wake up cuz like just ain't that simple anymore!

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