Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sixth Year Anniversary...

So how many of you have celebrated your anniversary at an elegant restaurant? on an exotic island? at the theatre? at the place where it all started? ANYWHERE is better than sitting at home watching nonsense!! LOL Well that's how Steve and I have started the beginnings of our seventh year. We had planned a day at Disneyland, mind you not the most romantic to all, but this was our second attempt on getting there without the children. WELL, it didn't happen! Gramma got sick so there wasn't a sitter in sight! So, instead as much as Steve and I love each other, we love USC Sports...ok really almost any SPORTS! With that we decided to watch USC play -- unfortunately the end was gloomy and we were left disappointed. We love our boys on that team but they fell just short plus one or two calls short by the refs, but watcha' gonna do? So, Steve and I just layed around and enjoyed the boys as Jordan was out and we just vegged. Mind you veggie'ing was actually relaxing for our souls, body and mind.
Although I am still asking "what are we doing for our anniversary?". We have made dinner plans with another couple and cross our fingers to make it out this Saturday.
So, everyone that is out there found confined to their homes wondering what the entire world is doing out without them, know you aren't the only ones strapped to the couch, dvr AND KIDS!
And to those of you that have already watched your children grow up, well enjoy your freedom and offer to sit for your friends that don't have family to help out with sitting and watch their kids... they really would appreciate a few hours away. I know we count our blessings on the sitters we are blessed with.
By the way Happy Anniversary HONEY! I love you!

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