Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Dodgers taking the field at Anaheim Stadium

This past Sunday we hosted a pre-Anaheim Stadium Walk brunch at our home. We were graced with the presence of family & friends...but to Lorenzo it was the greatest moment-- having his friends Felipe, Dominic & Sebastian at our home! We had time to grub down some great food and socialize for a bit before having to trek over to Anaheim. Once we arrived and unloaded our caravan of cars, Lorenzo left his mommy & daddy to line up all grown up like with his fellow teammates. Leaving him was a bit heartbreaking to think he is that grown up but we left and headed to the sea of proud parents. There you could find us among tons of other parents waiting for those few seconds of seeing our children walk by.

Lorenzo and his fellow Dodgers walked by us
and even offered up some high fives! They all looked so adorable yet ever so grown up! Lorenzo looked so happy to feel a part of something so BIG!
We managed to survive from being away from Lorenzo if even for just an hour. The worst part was the darn southern california weather. It was sure hot! We'd like to thank all those that purchased tickets to share in this latest milestone in Lorenzo's life. We know it was a long hot day! We hope to continue to share our families ventures and hope to have you there! Thanks and we love you all!

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