Friday, April 3, 2009

Kindergarten Evaluation...

Well, fourth time walking a scared little child of mine into their Kindergarten evaluation. It doesn't get easier to bribe them on going in and answering ALL the questions correctly, as I know they are capable of (wink wink)! Today's venture was bribed with sooo much, much more than I remember having to tempt the other children with. Lorenzo came out with a trip to McDonalds. Not just a trip to get food there but rather actually get off and play in the play yard! He also came up on inviting a friend to tag along & a lollipop. Too funny I would given him ANYTHING, thank God that was all he wanted at the time!
Back to the evaluation. Who writes up these tests? What child knows what the heck a wheel barrel is? I was trying to break the streak of all my children getting the wheel barrel question incorrect! Oh, wait I stand corrected (by Eddie) he got it right. He only got one wrong...address that later. Back to the wheel barrel, so I showed Lorenzo what a wheel barrel was, I quizzed and quizzed him on it "ONE WHEEL". Under pressure my son caved, he said "four". My heart sank, what the heck we prepped for this, what the heck!?! Oh well, Lorenzo at least got the one Eddie got wrong, "which is faster a plane, train or car?". Lorenzo was correct with plane, as to Eddie's train answer. (Don't tell Eddie but I've been prepping Lorenzo on that one, too! LOL)
All in all Lorenzo did awesome. His drawing of his friend led to an elaborate picture of not only his friend but also to include himself & his little brother. Lorenzo NEVER forgets Quinn, they are best buds! He proceeded to draw, answer & count perfectly. A few questions here and there incorrect but overall did great! Lorenzo ended up ranking 5 years 2 months and his 5th birthday isn't even until July. So with that GREAT JOB Lorenzo & good prepping to mom!
All this pressure for kinder now you know why our kids test well, too much pressure from MOM! Whatever it takes, whatever it costs, whatever is needed gotta learn to test well so that we are guaranteed three more into USC! Ok...maybe Oregon State, Stanford...who knows!?! But I can dream, right?

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