Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Undercover FAN!

So, many of you may not know this as Steve & I do not like to divulge that Lorenzo is a Beaver Fan. We know, it breaks our hearts too! We think it is all thanks to Play Station and their Mascot mode. Lorenzo use to enjoy playing as the Beavers. With this, he declares himself a beaver fan!
Eddie & Sarah vacationed in Beaver-ville and with that carried around a poster of Lorenzo to take pictures of him around campus(See earlier blog). They were able to capture the one dimensional Lorenzo in front of spring practice, beaver stadium and the front of the beaver university. Lorenzo was thrilled with the pictures and especially the new Beaver t-shirt for his collection. (me & Steve not so excited, hoping he'll out grow this Beaver phase!)
Well, since we support our children whether we agree or not, Steve took his little boy to watch a Beaver game. Imagine the torture, it was not only a Beaver baseball game but their opponent was nothing less than the UCLA Bruins, UGH! That's why I stayed home, who would I root for--NO ONE!
Beyond all that, Steve & Lorenzo arrived at the Bruins facility and found their way among the many Beaver fans...LOL...not so many so they sat up close to the team and their dugout. In sitting so close to the team Lorenzo caught the eye of a Beaver administrative adviser. This adviser could not resist from admiring the Beaver tshirt & his amazement to see such a young Beaver fan. The gentleman got to chatting with Lorenzo, ok he clammed up like usual, so the chatting really went on with Dad. The chatting led to the introductions between Lorenzo, the coach & a few players. The coach was so impressed on this little Beaver fan going against his family and all that they stand for as USC fans, that he promised Lorenzo some Beaver gear. (We are awaiting to see if anything arrives!)
In the end, Lorenzo & dad enjoyed a great time at the baseball game, but sadly it ended with a Bruin victory. Don't know what hurt me more, to know the Bruins won or to see my son saddened by his teams loss...

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