Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Hunger Clean Up

Martyne had a successful day in honor of the "hunger clean up" campaign she participated in on Saturday, April 18. She was joined on her team, God's Gifts, by her friends Melissa (CSUDH) & Kami (FIDM). They stationed themselves outside Superior Market across the street from USC and were able to collect many canned goods and $30 in cash donations. (Plus another $70 in online donations) Martyne was proud to announce that she utilized her spanish to the best of her ability and felt good about it. Not only did they make a difference in the few hours they were out there, but also were recognized in our local spanish paper. Martyne was quoted in La Opinion. Here is an excerpt:

Martyne Gómez, una estudiante de segundo año de Sicología de la Universidad del Sur de California (USC), se sumó ayer a un grupo de estudiantes para ayudar a los desamparados.

"Me di cuenta que no estaba haciendo lo suficiente para ayudar con los problemas de la pobreza y el desamparo", dijo en el parque central de ese centro academémico. En sus ires y venires académicos, la chica se topa a cada momento con personas sin techo que deambulan en torno a USC. Esta vez decidió hacer algo.

Gómez y otro grupo de estudiantes de USC y UCLA forman parte de un voluntariado llamado Hunger Cleanup.

For the full article go to http://www.impre.com/laopinion/noticias/la-california/2009/4/19/estudiantes-contra-el-hambre-120195-1.html

Once again, we are proud of Martyne and her quest to make a difference in this world!

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