Monday, April 20, 2009

Wild Animal Park - Great VISIT!

We trekked out of our home at 6:45 a.m. on Wednesday, April 15. Headed to Whittier to pick up Nina & Jeremiah. All the kids were wide awake and ready to get to San Diego and see the animals! We had a great breakfast at the Golden Egg Omelet House - 316 W Mission Ave Ste 101 Escondido, CA 92025 - but still think we were over charged!!! Anyhow, we headed out to Wild Animal Park just five minutes away. The kids were ready, bundled & unloading the Yukon for a day of fun!
We were able to save some extra money at the gate--ya' all know me wanting to save a buck--got my friend's son in as "Steve Gomez"-- lucky I took his membership card with me! Heck they didn't question...saved Nina a buck!!! My day was complete with just that, saving money!
Once inside we headed out to view the flamingos, monkeys and pelicans. Would you believe that at the pelican pond we find some dear friends to my family, the Huerta's. There they were just taking in the breathtaking view. I loved catching up with them if even for just a few minutes. (miss you guys...and thank RHS for the beginnings of our lifelong friendship!)
Lorenzo was in charge of pictures and boy did he take pictures. His count alone was at 235 photos. Jordan took 55 pictures and Quinn took 54 pictures of other people, the floor, his feet, the kids from behind...can we say "thank God for digital cameras and the delete option". All in all the photos captured our day of fun and excitement seeing oh so many beautiful animals. Not to speak of the beautiful area where we were surrounded by thousands of butterflies! It was breathtaking! Their beauty was beyond the common butterfly, there were all sizes, all colors, every shade...God really did a fine job creating butterflies and all the other gorgeous animals we encountered on our excursion out.
We headed out about 4:30 and were home by 7. The ride was not LA style, hardly any traffic. It was nice to catch up on life, on memories and laughs with Nina on our ride home as the kids rested all the way back.
Now we are awaiting May so we can return and enjoy the animals from above--zip line just installed! Nina & I are game, hoping Jeremiah & Jordan will find the courage to join us zipping across the park.

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